Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A trip a reader made this past weekend

A reader sent these to me the other night and gave me permission to share the deals she scored.
She went  on a little trip to Sioux City and found some great buys.
At Target she found these small clean and clear face washes on clearance. she expected them to be considered trail size but when she spoke to a CSM, they informed her she'd be fine using her coupon on them. She used a coupon for $1 off and got them both for free!
  She also stopped at Wal-Mart there in town and they were having a sale on alcohol. This deal may not be for everyone but it was still a good score. She said normally she pays $17.50 for a bottle of liquor, but it was clearanced out at the mart for $12.50. On top of that, there were rebates on each bottle for $5 back WYB 1. Taking advantage of the price difference as well as rebate, she was able to save $10 off of each bottle!