Friday, August 2, 2013

A few coupons to get if you have missed them.

Thank you Amy for sharing these on my wall! I am not ignoring your posts, I am just not getting notifications so SORRY!
Here are some coupons to take advantage of though everyone.
At walmart they sell birds eye vegetable recipe ready which can range from just $1-$1.17 and I think I ever saw a few priced at $1.48.
No big deal though, just use this coupon for $1/1 birds eye recipe ready product and pay as little as nothing, yep FREE!!!

Also, if anyone has missed this coupon, it is still available. It's for hot pockets B2G1 FREE (facebook). I think these just dropped down at the Mart for $2 a box everyday so buy 3 for $6, use the coupon, save $2 and get three boxes for $4.