Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I spent. The guessing game mystery solved.

Here is the break down of my trip. It's not a typical trip but it was still a decent one.

1 gallon of store brand milk $3.24-->always need milk, why not get it cheaper?
-PMed for $2.69 @ Walgreens
Paid $2.69

1 bottle kikkomann soy sauce  $1.74 (found out I have 2 in back stock already, my hubby hid them in the far back of a shelf I'm too short to see into!)
-used $1/1 Kikkomann product
Paid $.74

2 8oz bottles of purell hand sanitizer (were orignally $2.86 on clearance marked for $1.98, checked with scanner and it was only $1 for each bottle!!)
-used $1/2 Purell 8oz or larger
Paid $.50 for each bottle!

2 20ct Always liners $.93 each
-used $1/1 Always liners from P&G 7/07
and -used $1.50/1 Always liners coupon I had gotten in the mail at some point
Made $.64 buying both

1 reach floss $.97
-used $1/1 reach floss printable
Made $.03 on it

1 bag birds eye recipe ready onions $1-->excited to try this
-used $1/1 Birds eye recipe ready product printable
Paid nothing

2 Adams flea and tick spot on for dogs (originally very expensive, but on clearance for just $1 since they wouldn't sell)
-used (2) $2/1 Adams products expires 7/31

8 old spice deodorants $3.97 each ($31.76 for 8)-->very picky husband. pits have to smell just right :P
PMed for $2.50 at Lewis Drug
-used $2/2 Old Spice deodorant products P&G 7/07
Paid $1.50 for each deo or $12 for all of them.

Total before PM and coupons...$47.69.
What I actually paid....$15.64

Total savings of 67%! Plus, I got a few donate items again. :) yay


So, who won>? Kellie Grause!!!

She guessed  that I spent $14.97. Only $0.67 under my total!! Horray. PM me please ma'am.