Monday, July 29, 2013

This makes me happy.

Two of my followers have taken my advice that I gave them during their lesson and gotten together to start coupon trading. I really promote this because it allows others to take advantage of the coupons you don't want as well as you getting coupons they wouldn't use. It's the best way to utilize the great deals that coupons offer and it can really bring people together too! 

 This is what I would love to happen in all of our communities, for everyone to come together and share a passion. You don't have to be a certain race, there's no qualifying religion, it doesn't matter what your ethnicity is, you just have to enjoy saving money. It's the most unbiased hobby that could be out there and also the most beneficial one available as well. The want and need to save money in today's economy is what can bring us all together as one.