Sunday, July 28, 2013

School supplies to PM @ Walmart 7/28-8/03

 I hope you have all been buying supplies as the deals come so that way you can spend as little money as possible by the time school actually starts. It pains me to go to walmart and watch all these people pay full price for all their kid's supplies, but I'm more embarrassed for them because they are paying full price for EVERYTHING. Please tell me you aren't one of them!!There are great great deals this week, making it worth the wait if you have been. Check it out :D

Hyvee PM deals are only available till Tuesday 7/30
Wooden or plastic ruler $0.15 @ hyvee
Crayola twistable colored pencils 12ct $3 @ hyvee
Crayola dry erase crayons 8 count $3 @ hyvee
Sharpie accent highlighters (this is the 4pk of all yellow or the 4pk wity yellow, blue, orange and pink) $1  @ hyvee
Sharpie 2ct package of black markers. Their 2pks at Walmart are currently B2G1 Free in the package so it's a 3 pk. $1 @ hyvee
Filler paper (notebook paper) $.75 @ hyvee
Inkjoy 300 RT retractable pens 8pk color or Black $2 GREAT PRICE @hyvee
Inkjoy 700RT 2pk $2 @ hyvee
Pilot G2 2ct pens $2 @ hyvee
Bic Cristoal pens blue, black, or red 10 ct $.50 @ hyvee
Dry erase crayons 8ct $3  @ hyvee

Crayola crayons 24ct only $0.25 per box!!! @ Toys R Us
Crayola Dry erase markers 4ct $3 @ Toys R US
Crayola kids point washable 10 assorted colors $4 @ Toys R Us
BIC white out correction fluid 2pk $0.50 @ staples
Total is free plus you make $0.50!

Translucent pencil box $0.50 @ staples
Slider pencil case $0.01 A PENNY @ staples
2 pocket paper folder $0.01 A PENNY @ staples
BIC velocity gel pens bold 2pk $0.50 @ staples
Total is FREE plus you make $0.50!!

BIC mechanical pencils 24pk 0.05mm or 0.07mm $5 @ Staples
$8.50 for 2 24pks or just $0.17 per pencil!

Crayola Washable crayons 24pk $2 @ staples
Papermate sharpwriter 0.7mm mechanical pencils 5pk $0.50 @ staples
Protractor or compass $1 @ staples
store brand (swingline brand @ W) mini stapler assorted colors $1 @ office max
Expo washable markers, fine tip. assorted, 6pk $5 @ staples
Zebra Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pens, medium 7pk $1 @ staples
Store brand notebooks 70pg college or wide ruled $0.01 A PENNY @ office max
Dixon #2 8pk pencils $0.10 A DIME @ office max
Papermate writer bros ballpoint pens 10ct $0.10 @ office max

BIC matic grip mechanical pencils  5pk $0.50 @ office max
Total is 2pks free plus $0.50 you make!

Index card box (oxford @ W) $1 @ office max

Fiscar 5inch scissors $.99 @ shopko
Crayola 8ct washable window markers $3.49 @ shopko
Crayola super tips washable markers 20 ct $1.99 @ shopko
Crayola window crayons 5pk $3.49 @ shopko
Crayola pip squeaks 16ct $3.49 @ shopko
Crayola no drip washable paint brush pens $3.49 @ shopko

SRX magnetic dry erase parkers 6pk $2.99 @ shopko
SRX dry erase makers assorted 6pk $2.99 @ shopko

USA gold 24ct pencils $3 @ Target
Crayola 48pk crayons $2 @ Target

Paper Mate Intro highlighters chisel tip 6pk (orange, pink, blue, yellow, green, purple) $0.49 @ walgreens

Wooden ruler $0.19 @ walgreens

Marble composition book $0.25 @ kmart